New Keyboard

I’m really only writing a post because I just received a brand new keyboard, which happens to be my first mechanical keyboard ever. It’s a Logitech G512 tactile. Amazingly sturdy build, heavy device. Typing seems good to me, but I really haven’t been using a mechanical keyboard before. I think the only other mechanical keyboard device was a Cherry which I had used at my faculties students’ association. At the time. Which was an impressively loud keyboard. Gladly this one isn’t very loud but still more noticeable than the tiny size specialty keyboard I’ve been using until yesterday. All the while I can’t say the sound is anything like the sample sound from the Logitech website – which may be due to the fact that the sound sample is for the switch only, while I hear the overall Keyboard. There is a ringing after-sound from within the Keyboard after each stroke, which seems to stem from the springs which are mounted inside the switches. I’d say that is slightly annoying.

Lighting effects have apparently been a focus area for this keyboard. I really can’t say that I care much. Just set a lighting scheme from the most basic features that where doable in a minute. Probably I won’t really come back to this.

I’m curious as to how much I will enjoy typing on this device. It seems “heavy” not only in terms of build weight, but also in terms of pushing down the buttons with weight. Althouh as per the specifications, resistance of the Logitech switches is lower than that of compareable Cherry switches. There are also fairly standard features which I shall enjoy: It is a standard size, and standard layout keyboard. This certainly isn’t something which justifies the price tag, but it makes a difference if you haven’t been using a standard size keyboard for a while.

My typing speed result from the simple typing test was 500 strokes per minute. I believe on the last keyboard I didn’t get beyond 450 so this would be a 10% typing speed increase without having practiced. Good for starters. 🙂