Windows Search Results in Wrong Language

My Windows 10 installation was in a language I didn’t want to work in, so I changed it to English. I had to download a language pack, and I think I also had to download some experience pack and restart a few times, and then set the display language to English. It worked out alright. However, when I searched for something in the start menu search field, the search results were still displayed in German, the language that was previously installed. This was fixed as follows:

  • Open Control Panel (“Windows Settings”)
  • Open “Time & Language”
  • Click “Language” (on the left)
  • Click “Administrative Language Settings” (on the right)
  • A popup opened up, called “Region”. In the Tab “Administrative” and te field “Welcome screen and new user accounts”, click “Copy Settings”.
  • Tick the boxes “Welcome screen and system accounts” and “new user accounts”.
  • Click OK and reboot.
  • In language settings, set the “old” language (Germany in my case) as display language, sign out of windows, sign in again.
  • Set English as display language, sign out of windows and sign in again.

The other language pack does not have to be removed, it can stay where it is. In fact it needs to remain in place to switch display languages back and forth, which was a requirement to make the changes persistent.

Now the language was also english in search results within Windows. The language in search settings may somehow be linked to the Welcome Screen language, which is not automatically updated with the user settings.