Windows 10 with two touch screens

I have been wondering whether multiple touch screens in windows 10 would be supported. The fact that I have in fact found several hints about the way to accomplish this suggests that it would indeed be possible. I don’t currently own any windows 10 device, or any touchscreen other than those on my smartphones, and cannot verify the hints myself so far. That is likely to change on the 17th of April 2019 however.

Searched Tablet PC Settings in the Task Menu. Under the Display Tab, selected Setup under the Configure Title. This them prompts you to select the screens which you are using for touch screens. You simply tap on each display and boom, you can use both displays perfectly.

USE a litte batch file : cmd /C multidigimon -touch

Go into your control panel, search for “tablet”, then simply click on tablet pc settings, then click setup at the top, and then press enter till the text appears on the touch enable monitor(s) then tap the monitor you want to be touch enabled