Note to self: Never again buy from local telephone shops to get an internet package from Telkomsel Indonesia. Why is that? I don’t doubt the goodwill of local sellers. But they simply don’t know their stuff. They will sell what they know (which isn’t much) and they will explain as they understand it (which is plain wrong). Rather browse through USSD codes on #363* and pay with credit card in the app. Information will be limited, but at least accurate.

Next note to self: Never buy “Combo” offers. They boast large GB numbers, but really have only 500Mb of useful internet volume. The rest is ‘video volume’ (useless), ‘social media volume’ (almost as useless) and ‘kuota lokal’ (entirely pointless, because it is valid in the CITY of purchase. I am a traveller.) Look for plain monthly internet packs. Current choice: Internet packs – monthly – other offers – 4.5GB 30days 60k IDR.