Prestashop 1.7 Server Log

How to find the server log for Prestashop 1.7?


Where is the error log?

For my solution, scroll down.

Hints can be found here:

Path of error log vary for server to server If you are using Apache server then you can find it on /var/log/apache2/error.log

for Nginx it would be /var/log/nginx/error.log.

Try to find in /var/log/YOURSERVERNAME/ directory.

For me, using plesk, one log file was in this path:


and this file was called simply error_log although I expected it to be called php_error.log

This log file contained a number of specific prestashop error messages, in my case related to the search function which I had disabled anyways. I was looking for error messages related to the payment module and they were not here. So I found another log:


and I found several log files: prod.log, dev.log and a number of dated log files. prod.log didn’t contain anything useful, dev.log was too big to read with the inbuilt reader of plesk and I didn’t download it but instead kept looking elsewhere.

I found the related error messages ultimately through the plesk menu structure.

I went back to the
–> plesk domain management area. There, I clicked
–> “Protocols”. In this one, I had a choice of different protocols in the
–> menu “Manage Protocols” (dropdown on the right side) and I chose
–> “Apache Errors” where I then got the section which gave me the hints I needed.

But where were they stored? I searched the file structure but had no success identifying the same log there. I don’t know a better way than displaying or downloading the log files through the menu structure, which is actually quite convenient, but limited to those who use plesk as a management user interface.

Prestashop Backoffice also shows the logs in
–> Advanced Parameters
–> Logs