Prestashop 1.7 How to enable the profiling information to check load times

To see the opinion of your prestashop installation on its own speed, there is a function called “Profiling” which can be turned on for debugging purposes, or to just get the odd view on how fast your web server may be.

In order to activate this, change a file. The path is this, from your installation directory:


In this file, look for this entry:

define(‘_PS_DEBUG_PROFILING_’, false);

Set this value to “true”, and save.

Now a bulk of data will be displaye under each page, in both front office and back office. Just scroll down to see it.

It looks like this:

Load Time 173 ms – Unicorn powered webserver!
Querying Time 22 ms
Queries 119
Memory Peak Usage 11.3 Mb
Included Files 469 files – 7.04 Mb
PrestaShop Cache – Mb
Global vars 0.29 Mb
PrestaShop Version
PHP Version 7.2.12 (OK)
MySQL Version 5.5.60-MariaDB (Consider upgrading)
Memory Limit 128M
Max Execution Time 30s
Smarty Cache enabled
Smarty Compilation force compile

But a lot of additional information is contained in there also.