List of Taipei based Wealth Management Organisations


…. which you should not trust:

Brooks Dawson Alliance –

Lewis Bentley Group –

Benidict Hoffmann –

Wallace Williamson –

Findlay Nicholsen –

Radford Taylor Partners – *

Ward Henderson Management Services – *

Townsend Cole Group – **

Gentry Wilson Partners – ***

Everitt Lawson Group – ****

Ellis Marshall Global – ****

Warrington Shaw – *****

Royston Carr Asset Management – *****

All of these “organisations” are located in Taipei, Taiwan, and place cold calls in Europe, preferably to individuals listed as owners or managers of small to medium companies. Here they expect wealth, and unsuspecting quick investment decisions.

All of these websites are 5-16 months old. Even though they boast on their website decades of experience and long lasting customer relationships. Interesting detail: Some of the domains are registered through a service which cloaks the identity of the true owner of the domain.

Should you receive a call with a unique investment opportunity from any of the organisations listed above, or even from any wealth management organisation located in Taiwan, or even anybody in general, I kindly ask you to focus your due diligence on researching the organisation thoroughly. Not the stock they offer. Don’t worry about the content of the call at all. Focus on the person you talked to. Find out who the organisation is they claim to work for. Go through their references, check how long their domain is registered, see which independent journalist writes about them (and I don’t mean simple quotes of market news which they have authored themselves). Only after you are 100% sure you are talking to a legit organisation, carry on wondering whether they actually offer a viable investment. The organisations listed on this website failed the test.

Further reading on actual interactions with one of those “organisations” can be found here:

Investing with a wealth management company based in Taiwan (external link – content has been taken offline unfortunately)

*List updated 03.01.2020 thanks to the mail of a friendly reader!
** updated again 15.01.2020 thanks to another hint from a friendly reader!
*** updated again 23.01.2020 thanks to another hint from a friendly reader!
**** updated again 07.02.2020 thanks to another hint from a friendly reader!
***** once more updated 24.02.2020 thanks to a hint from a friendly reader!