How to remove Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar

Firefox 84.0.2 apparently changed something: A new bar below the navigation buttons and address bar is permanently visible and can be used to show bookmarks. This bookmarks toolbar may have been there before, but with the latest update it has been made visible by default, as it seems.

This features certainly has benefits for those who work with bookmarks extensively. However, it can be perceived as annoying for others who see their browsing windows space limited by this move.

Here I show how to remove the new bookmark toolbar.

Thankfully, the process is quite straightforward.

All you have to do is press Ctrl+Shift+B and the toolbar goes away. Press this combination again, and the toolbar reappears. The toolbar is not actually removed from the program, but it is no longer shown – in my view this achieves the goal of regaining my viewing real estate.

There is also a longer way through the customisation menu to achieve the same goal:

In the top right, open the menu.

Select “Customise”.

Then, right-click anywhere in the adddress-bar or bookmarks toolbar area, so the context menu appears.

In this menu, open “Bookmarks Toolbar” and select “Never”. The toolbar is now gone until you make it appear again.

Happy surfing!