Deactivate google’s sign in prompt on websites.

I’m so annoyed with those regular messages asking me whether I would like to sign in with my google account. I have never ever used this, and have the firm intention to keep it that way. No thank you. So when will you learn, computer, that I’m really not interested?

The answer is in my google account settings. They probably move this around as often as possible so people never find it.

Today, early July 2023, I found the setting  here:

I got there through this menu:

  • Open my google account settings (from Gmail, which I open usually first of all, this is in the ist of google apps. So open google account.)
  • Security
  • Your connections to third party apps and services
  • See all connections
  • On the right there is a gear symbol on the header line, which reads “Third party  apps and sesrvices”. Click on it.
  • Now, after all these quite hidden clicks, there is a field called “Google Account sign-in prompts”, which says “Allow Google to display a sign-in prompt where it’s supported by third-party apps and services”. Deactivate this.

This should be all, hope it works.