Changing the name of your store with Prestashop 1.7

I want to change the name of my prestashop store. How can I do that?

I thought this was done in the database directly. Used phpMyAdmin to access your database and look for this table:


where prefix should be replaced with the table prefix which your shop uses.

What’s my prefix? You can look that up in this file: /app/config/parameters.php , in the line which is called “database_prefix”.

Problem: It didn’t work! The table is there but I have got no idea which function it may fulfil, as changing it has no effect.

Actually in Prestashop 1.7 this is done in the backoffice.

Navigate here:

  • Shop Parameters
  • Contact
  • Tab: Stores
  • Bottom: Contact details.

This actually worked in Prestashop