Change the sequence of payment methods. Push some methods further up, others down.

Did you ever want to change the sequence in which payment method were shown in Prestashop? I did! The ones I’d like customers to use more should be on top of the list, and the ones that I’d like customers to see last, should be on the bottom.

The most popular ones should also rather be on the bottom, because that makes customers view the whole list, before they click on their most likely choice.

Of course depending on your preferences, you might also opt to put the most popular method on top, to maximize conversion. Make it quick and easy for the customer. It’s up to you, and it should be up to you, rather up to coincidence, or up to whatever line of thought the shopsystem developer was using.

So how is it done? How to move payment methods up or down in prestashop 1.7 checkout?

In prestashop backoffice, navigate to

Design -> Positions.

Click the checkbox “Display non-positionable hooks”.

Type the name of one payment module into the search box labeled “show”. This brings down the list of hooks to relevant ones.

Scroll to paymentOptions

You should see the different payment modules which are used by your shops. Use the up and down arrows to move the modules around. Changes are saved automatically.

Then, scroll to displayPaymentReturn (and, if you like, to any other hook which shows the payment modules. Some of these hooks have no impact on the visible order of modules).

Again, you should see the different payment modules, and can arrange them in the order you prefer. Changes are saved automatically.

To be sure everything is saved and reflected, you may want to use the three standard steps. I think they are optional, and it is not required to to this for the sequence of changes proposed here. Nevertheless, should anything not work as desired, you could do the following:

– Delete the cache (in advanced parameters, performance)
– Recompile templates (in advanced parameters, performance)
– Recompile the search index (in shop parameters, search)
– Disable and re-enable friendly URL’s. (in shop parameters, traffic & SEO)

That’s it! Try it out in your live shop and the changes should appear.